When they established Knudsen Vineyards in 1971, Cal and Julia Lee Knudsen strove simply and purely to create superb wine through the growing of excellent grapes. With the reopening of the vineyard in 2012, their family legacy lives on through the hard work of their four children who strive for one of Oregon’s pioneering wineries to produce quality pinot noirs and chardonnays that embrace the flavors of their unique grapes and soil.

Thus enters the Knudsen Vineyards 2015 Chardonnay, the third they have produced since their return to winemaking. This crisp wine is produced from Dijon clones planted in 1995, and boasts a vibrant straw color. Aromas of pear and green apple waft along the nose, while notes of citrus and vanilla float on the palate. This delicate chardonnay delivers a crisp mouthfeel and an elegant, familiar finish that paints an image of family gatherings overlooking the stunning Oregon landscape.

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