Mezcal is often referred to as the South of the Border cousin to Islay Scotch. While not every bottle merits this comparison, the new line from Mezcal Marca Negra stands out with distinct smokiness and a strong, proud identity of where it was grown. Every bottle of Marca Negra contains information on the type of agave used, where it was made, the master distiller’s name and even the batch and bottle number- quite literally, a thumbprint of its origin. Mezcal is gaining popularity in the U.S. as consumers are lured by the mysterious yet compelling, smoky, rich spirit. Mezcal offers something truly artisanal, often passed down generation to generation, from father to son. Look for two distinct, limited bottlings of Marca Negra, each a pure form of the type of Agave used- Espadín and Tobalá. You’ll recognize the striking bottle by the distinct black fingerprints of the mescal maestro…or by the sold out note.