It’s our belief that Champagne always makes a perfect gift. Festive, elegant and always appreciated, it’s a gift that oozes class. Moët & Chandon has raised the bar with its Brut Imperial Golden Diamond Suit bottle ($45) — “the best dressed guest at every holiday party this year,” as the label bills it. The Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut has always been a classic sparkler with charming, fine bubbles and a refreshing, slightly fruity taste, but in this special edition bottle, which is part of the Diamond Collection, the bubbly comes packaged in a suit of gold. The packaging is pretty, but it’s also practical, since the isothermal wrapper can keep the bottle cool for up to two hours. Even better, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, since the wrapper can be reused for all bubbly occasions in the future. And if it wasn’t special enough already, a golden brass plaque can be engraved to customize the bottle when ordering large format bottles- an exquisitely personalized touch.