Dohba Mezcal was created by Maestro Mezcalero, Don Manuel Gonzalez in the Oaxacan Mixteca region of Mexico. The process starts with ripe pineapples of maguey espadin agaves, which are harvested after 9 to 12 years. They are cooked in ovens and ground using a process called “heartbreaking,” which ensures only the hearts of the maguey are ground up. The maguey are then fermented in vats of red juniper, without any chemical additives. From there, they are double distilled in a copper still. The heads and tails are separated to produce a cleaner mezcal. The flavor results are fruit and herbs with a hint of vanilla. The Dohba Mezcal bottles are hand-crafted glass blown and use 100% natural and recyclable materials. The seals are natural, biodegradable wax and resins from the Sierra de Cohahuilia and Sierra de Oaxaca areas. The wonderfully crafted Dohba Mezcal can be ordered on their website or participating retailers.