In a state best known for a go big or go home attitude, the down-to-earth, Smithville based Bone Spirits, takes a different approach to highlighting the best of the Lone Star State: pure Texas spirits made with fresh local grains. They are committed to producing authentic, high-quality, straight-forward spirits — no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors and totally bare bones; hence the name Bone Spirits. The current lineup includes Smiths Vodka, Fitch’s Goat Moonshine, Moody June American Dry Gin and Fitch’s Goat Corn Whiskey. No blended whiskeys or redistilled spirits, just sustainable, farm to bottle spirits – an attitude that is spreading fast in Austin and the hill country of Texas. Grains are sourced from local farmers and milled at a nearby facility. After fermenting and distilling their spirits, they return the by-products of the process to a local cattle rancher who feeds the mash to some very happy cows. Doesn’t get more Texas than that. Go sustainable, or go home.