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Kayla Moore is a writer, born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, who works in communications and writes freelance. In her spare time you can find her reading poetry collections, sipping a cup of cold brew at a cozy coffee spot, or exploring the vibrant arts scene of various cities. Her drinks of choice? Any unique gin-focused cocktail, a Scottish mule, or a fruity sour beer.

Gold Label 2013 6p Aszú drinkmemag.com drink me Gold Label 2013 6p Aszú

Royal Tokaji: Gold Label 2013

Royal Tokaji of northeastern Hungary is regarded as one of the most defining wineries of its region. Their blend of traditional fermentation technique and their use of modern technologies come together to craft a balanced, beautiful wine. Their latest vintage, Gold Label 2013 – 6p Aszú, is the epitome of …

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