Whether curled up under a blanket, out braving the icy tundra of snow, or spending an intimate evening in with friends, the cold weather makes us all crave a soul-warming cocktail on a chilly evening. Cognac is a versatile spirit bound to perk you up, and it is ready to be served straight or in a toasty hot toddy. 

Leyrat XO Vieille Reserve
Leyrat drinkmemag.com drink me Top Cognacs

Price: $92
Good for a beginner cognac lover, this reserve has opening notes of spices and wood, and the full aroma of acacia honey, ginger, and nutmeg to close. With a silky mouth feel, and characteristics of vanilla and brioche, this spirit is bound to please.

Courvoisier XO
Courvoisier drinkmemag.com drink me Top Cognacs

Price: $130
Boasting notes of crème brûlée, candied orange, and iris flower, this spirit will brighten up a dreary, frosted evening. With a velvety mouth feel and robust aromatic experience, this cognac is a crowd-pleaser that will bring a cozy cocktail evening together, and enhance a relaxing night in.

Martell Cordon Bleu
Martell Cordon Bleu drinkmemag.com drink me Top Cognacs

Price: $150
They call it the cognac for the connoisseur – available since 1912, this distinctive spirit is known for the rich aromatic experience of spice and fruits. Touting a palate of mocha coffee, toasted almonds, vetivier, apples, and plums, Martell Cordon Bleu will brighten your spirits after a day in the cold. This libation is best served straight, or with a splash of water to fully open the aroma and enhance your tasting.

Remy Martin Carte Blanche A Baptiste Loiseau
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Price: $510
Harmonious, profound, and unique – this is how Remy Martin characterizes their limited-edition Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau. With top notes of plum, gingerbread, and clove on the nose, and a bold palate of sweet spices with honey, this blend is best enjoyed neat by fireplace this winter.

Hine Triomphe
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Price: $999.99
Created in 1888 in celebration of the winegrower’s triumph in the Great French Wine Blight, this blend a lovely addition to a night in with friends, or a pour for one. Opening with essences of white cedar and vanilla, then blooming into licorice, chocolate, and spices, and finishing with an abundance of fruits on the palate, Triomphe is the ideal pour for a special occasion.