Now that 2018 is upon us, plenty of cocktail lovers have vowed to have a “Dry January,” or to cut out added sugars to start the new year off fresh. With that in mind, why not start this year with something crisp and flavorful to substitute your cocktail cart? Craft drinks specialist, ROCKTAILS, recently formulated a fresh, botanical blend soft drink that satiates the craving for a cocktail without alcohol and excess sugar.

Founders Chris Yandell and Katie Bain set out to create a beverage with the perfect balance of sophistication and fun in a cocktail, while cutting out alcohol and sugar. Their new line of craft soft drinks achieves this goal, by creating the foundation for a refreshment that adults can enjoy.

Their new product, The Citrus Spritz, is the first in their new range of non-alcoholic craft soft drinks. This soda brings new life to centuries old techniques of distillation, by way of a copper pot steam distillation extracting botanical essences in small batches. This age-old process ensures that each batch will hold a pure and complex balance, while maintaining the integrity of the light flavor notes.

The ‘Spritz’ boasts the flavors of lemon zest with juniper berries, and light notes of grapefruit peel with the aroma of lavender and fresh basil. This curated concoction serves best in a stemmed balloon glass or slim high ball over ice, with a generous twist of grapefruit peel to pair. It can be enjoyed without alcohol, or can be blended with your choice of gin to create the perfect dinner drink or night cap.

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