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Claire Broome lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where nearly all year round she finds the will to live in a warm cup of cheer. (During the brief summer months, she simply puts ice in the cup.) Eager to expand her imbibing horizons at every opportunity, Claire happily soaks up advice, tips, and free samples from cool bartenders, uncool bartenders, and grocery store sommeliers alike—because sometimes the good stuff hides in a plain bottle.

Blackberry Mint Julep drink me Salute Vodka

Blackberry Mint Julep

  Late night Summer evenings call for flavorsome cocktails and that’s exactly what Salute American Vodka’s Blackberry Mint Julep provides. Luscious dark blackberries entice the palate with a refreshing kick of mint that is perfectly balanced with Salute American Vodka. If you’re looking for a cocktail to unwind after a …

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Raspberry Refresher drink me Salute Vodka

Salute Raspberry Lemonade

With summer in full swing and the heat blaring down, there’s nothing better than a glass of ice cold Salute Raspberry Lemonade. The beauty of Salute American Vodka is that it works so well with just about anything. Throw in some raspberries, San Pellegrino and a little citrus garnish and …

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Beach Bottle Flag Shot drink me Salute Vodka

Salute to Summer

From the dog days through Labor Day, Salute American Vodka celebrates this season of quintessentially American barbecues, picnics, and weekends at the pool…but through the sunscreen and the sweat, this 100-percent homegrown vodka company pauses to remember the heroes that make it all possible. With the first dollar of every …

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Bottle Flag drink me Salute Vodka

(Sir) Yes sir! Salute American Vodka

What makes you think “all-American”? Baseball? Apple pie? How about vodka? As another Fourth of July arrives, no shortage of star-spangled banners will wave to celebrate the nation’s independence and essence both. But long after the last fireworks finale fades into the darkness, Salute American Vodka will continue honoring the …

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Gifts drink me Clos 19

Clos19: Get closer to fabulous

Welcome to Clos19…so glad you could make it! Moet Hennessy’s brand-new venture is here to give visitors the time of their lives, offering a veritable champagne tray that brims with dazzling services, products, and even experiences from the elite Moet Hennessy Louis Vitton (LVMH) wine and spirits circle. Stephanie Watine …

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Rarity 2013 drink me Rarity 2013

“Rare” to a T: Rarity 2013

In 1900, George de Latour bought a four-acre ranch and founded a vineyard—it was named Beaulieu, “beautiful place,” after his awestruck wife’s whisper when the couple first laid eyes on the property. Since gaining fame with Napa Valley’s first cult cabernet, the Rutherford, California winery has been renowned for its …

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Macallan x Urwerk Whiskey Flask drink me Flask

Drinks after Urwerk

There are occasions when you need to bring you favorite Scotch whisky with you—leaving the house, for instance. But the idea of dumping The Macallan into any old container is like pouring molten gold down your throat (both flagrant misuses of precious commodities!). Luckily, there’s a designer qualified to create …

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