There are occasions when you need to bring you favorite Scotch whisky with you—leaving the house, for instance. But the idea of dumping The Macallan into any old container is like pouring molten gold down your throat (both flagrant misuses of precious commodities!). Luckily, there’s a designer qualified to create a flask befitting this spirit whose name includes a definite article. Luxury Swiss watchmaker Urwerk is has just unveiled a vessel with TM’s requisite advantageous features, listed as follows: a cap that, with the aid of cryptic “ball clicker” devices, stays open while pouring (good!); two titanium tanks to refill or alternate your The Macallan of choice (twice as good); winglets that open to form a stand on the rare occasion the flask isn’t in your pocket; and cask indicators—these two rotating wheels enable you to remember the type and age of each whisky contained, even after you’ve consumed most of the contents. Guaranteed to still hold liquid fifty years from now—you can set your watch by it!

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