Salute Raspberry Lemonade

- 4 oz. Salute American Vodka
- 1 can lemon San Pellegrino
- 1 pint raspberries
- 2 lemon slices

Fill two glasses with ice. Muddle raspberries in the glasses, saving three for each glass’s garnish. Pour 2 oz. of vodka and ice into each glass. Top each with ½ can of lemon San Pellegrino in each, stir, then garnish. Cheers!

With summer in full swing and the heat blaring down, there’s nothing better than a glass of ice cold Salute Raspberry Lemonade. The beauty of Salute American Vodka is that it works so well with just about anything. Throw in some raspberries, San Pellegrino and a little citrus garnish and you’ve got yourself an incredibly refreshing and ridiculously easy cocktail. Perfect for company or a cheeky little solo drink after a hard days work.