There is no optimum temperature for imbibing rosé.  The South African Good Taste Magazine recommends 8˚C–10˚C, which translates to 46.4˚F–50˚F in rational figures.  The British Matthew Clark website, which references Mirabeau en Provence’s Classic Rosé, suggests the same.  Both sites are quick to add that this is a matter of personal preference and not, apparently, a matter for legal action if their advice is ignored.  Other websites suggest anywhere between 50˚F–60˚F for rosé and 40˚F–50˚F for sparkling, while one site suggests that our “cheap” rosé should be enjoyed at exactly 41˚F.

That being said, Mirabeau cofounder Stephen Cronk recommends 45˚F–55˚F for rosé and 45˚F–52˚F for sparkling wine, like the company’s new La Folie Rosé.  So, if you happen to be imbibing Mirabeau—which is a smart choice for fans of award-winning, affordable wine—you should probably take the man’s word for it.  Otherwise, by all means, keeps chilling your rosé at precisely 41˚F.

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