As summer approaches so does the time for enjoying the sun and a glass of wine—a time for tans and tannins. Krohn’s newest export, the 2016 Classic Vintage Port, is rich with tannins that measure beautifully alongside the poignant fruit flavor. Though new to the market you might say that the Port really began it’s journey in 1865 when two Norwegians, Theodor Wiese and Dankert Krohn, ventured to Portugal and founded the firm, then called Wiese and Krohn. Over the years, Wiese sold his share of the company to Krohn and the business grew. The very first Vintage export was released back in 1927.

Tannins are the hallmark of any refined Port, especially Krohn’s Vintage collection. Cultivated in flagship property in the Rio Torto Valley, all Vintage Port’s are single harvest wines aged in older casks. After an unusual harvest and long fermentation, the 2016 emerged deep ruby in color. On the nose, a curtain of vibrant fresh fruits—hints of raspberry, cherry, plum, and apricot—delightfully mix with herbs and warm spices. And the palate is intricately complex. Mouth filling tannins create a pure and firm flavor, an experience that makes Krohn’s 2016 Classic Vintage Port exceedingly worth remembering.

Pricing and retail availability will be announced soon