Debuting a delicious and unique character to the Anchor Brewing lineup, Brewer’s Pale Ale is a hoppy yet balanced beer that’s sure to be a staple for the Anchor Brewing brand. A company who released the first IPA post-prohibition, Brewers’ Pale Ale is a modernized tribute to the classic American Pale Ale.

Appealing to a current surge in pale ale demands and per request of the employees at Anchor Brewing, Brewers’ Pale Ale delivers a crisp and drinkable golden brew with bright grapefruit notes to compliment the heartiness of a IPA influence. Highlighting the handcrafted techniques Anchor prides itself on, this ale is adorned with the traditional illustrated labels that showcase their overall attention to detail and is not filtered to intense clarity, with an intentional slight haziness. Get a chance to taste the next evolution of San Francisco’s finest, Brewers’ Pale Ale is online for purchase and look for it at your favorite local tap rooms.

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