A refreshing can of beer makes the perfect addition to any summertime activity. Bonfires, camping trips, hikes, and beach days- canned beverages are not only safer to throw in a beach bag than glass bottles, but who wouldn’t enjoy a refreshing beer on a hot summer day?  It’s that time of year, and Anchor Brewing Company made a transformation at just the right time with their first ever Anchor Steam® Beer available in 19.2oz cans.

With the perfect blend of pale and caramel malts, Anchor Steam Beer owes its rich amber color and distinctive flavor to a unique, all-natural process of brewing. Located in the Golden State of California for over 122 years, the Anchor Brewing Company has gifted the world with their craftsmanship abilities to bottle, barrel and keg- and for the first time in over a century, the modern twist of canned beer has been added to their list of delicious achievements. Not only do the Anchor Steam® Beer cans have a comfortable gripping shape to take on the go, they are sized at just over a standard beer and a half- allowing the perfect opportunity to enjoy more of your favorite beer, or share with a friend.

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