Here’s a scenario: it’s a Saturday and you’re hosting a very important dinner party for an important work client. Since you came home last night, you’ve been scrubbing and dusting down your whole house preparing for their arrival. You carefully selected a dinner recipe from a fancy French cookbook and have been practicing your marinating and sauteeing skills. Now it’s two hours before they arrive and a moment of panic hits you: you never bought wine for the occasion!

Sound a bit familiar? For most of us, wine and food pairings is a complicated and daunting subject. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be anymore.Choose Your Wine in 7 Seconds: Instantly Understand Any Wine With Confidence by Stéphane Rosa is here to save you. Fear not, for Rosa’s book is here to take the stress out of wine shopping. By using this “life hack” method, the reader will be informed of the best wine choice for them based on pricing, occasion, and taste. So, next time you’re confused about how pick the most suitable wine, trust Rosa’s (who is also the director of the Hachette Guide to Wines, the bible of the French wine industry) judgment.



To be released in October 2018