Every now and again, I find a gizmo that I’m really excited to write about, today is one of those days. On my interweb travels, I recently came across the Pizza Stone, an elaborately crafted stone circle that sits atop a beautifully designed bamboo board. Now, what excites me about this chap isn’t just its design and look, but the sheer amount of uses one can get out of it. It’s also the perfect accompaniment for a bottle (or two). So without further ado, please allow me to explain why the Pizza Stone (or “Everything Stone” as I call it), deserves a place in your kitchen.


Crisp Crunchy Pizza:
Italian pizza’s have a crisp, crunchy base- and that’s exactly what the Pizza Stone will offer. How about serving up a nice bold cabernet sauvignon to pair with a meaty treat.

Sunday Roast Centerpiece:
Make the meat the centerpiece of the table by carving it up right there on the stone. The heat will keep the meat warm while allowing it to rest to reach the optimum temperature to rest and become tender without drying out. Cooking up a nice rack of ribs? Crack open one of these 10 deliciously bold Zinfandels.

Sushi With Style:
Chill in the fridge of freezer for 15-30 minutes and hey presto, the lava stone is at the perfect temperature for sitting a selection of sushi to impress guests. Now, that sounds like the perfect excuse for a Riesling to me, check out our top 10 list for under $20.

Cheese Platters:
It’s shape and size is perfect for cheeses or antipasti selections either as a starter course or just nibbles with wine, or if you want to jazz things up a little, try out one of our Sake/Cheese pairing selections.

Delicious Crusty Bread:
The even distribution of heat on the stone allows bread to be made at its best. Nice and crisp on the outside, yet soft in the middle.

Crunchy Cookies:
Bake on the stone and then remove to allow them to cool over time. The result? Think cookies have that extra crunch while thicker cookies remain crunchy on the outside and gooey in the center.

Whether it’s chilled, ambient, warm or hot, the lava stone will retain its given temperature longer than any other natural or man made material allowing you to keep your food exactly as it’s intended for longer. You can cook on it, serve on it, cut on it and clean it with complete and utter ease. So there you have it, just 6 of the hundreds of uses that Pizza Stone can offer you. Bag yours up by visiting Steak Stones- awesome gift or guilty pleasure, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on somebody’s face!