You may have tasted all the 5 gin cocktails that hard liquor aficionado should taste in their life. You may even be an expert mixologist. However, did you ever play online games while enjoying your favorite drink?

Online games are fun on their own. However, they can be enjoyed even more when you are drunk. It’s especially a good idea when you don’t have company and feel like getting wasted and having a great time.

If you do plan on getting drunk and want to play some quality online games, then you can save some time by starting with the ones given below which are absolutely fun and easily accessible too:


Line Rider

If your first impression for Line Rider is “meh”, then it’s perfectly fine. After all, it does look simple and easy. However, once you start playing the game, you can see why it’s the perfect game to play while you sip on your beloved nectar.

In Line Rider, you create a track by drawing lines on the screen. You are free to experiment and go to down- it’s part of the fun. Once done, you can hit the “play” button to see your little guy navigate the path created by you on a sled.

You will see the dude crash or fall to death a lot of times in the game, and each time it’s equally fun!


Super Mario 63

If you are surprised why you didn’t hear about this entry from the Mario franchise, it’s because it’s an unofficial and fan-made game. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun than the other Mario titles.

Super Mario 63 is a Super Mario 64-inspired game set it a 2D world. It offers a variety of level designs that are not just creative but quite fun too.

Playing the game, you will cross deserts, mountains, plain lands, and many other varying terrains. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of moves- jump, triple jump, sprinting, etc. that make the game equally, if not more, exciting as the other Mario games that you grew up playing!


Online Casinos

It’s no secret that poker, blackjack, and the likes go well with drinks. However, if you don’t want to travel to Las Vegas or Monaco just yet, you can still have your share of “booze-and-casino” fun in the comfort of your own house!

There are a variety of online casino games that you can dive in anytime you want as long as you have your wifi working. From slots to poker, and from the lottery to baccarat, there is no game that you won’t find on the online gambling platforms and the best thing is, is that many casino games and apps come with special bonuses.

Who says you can only enjoy drinking when you are with your friends? With so much amazing content available on the Internet, you don’t need anyone but a just mobile or laptop to get the party started!


Dead Trigger

Who doesn’t like some hardcore action while getting high on spirits? Well, if “action” for you is shooting the hell out of hordes of zombies, the Dead Trigger has got you covered!

Available on multiple mobile platforms, Dead Trigger is a shooter game in a post-apocalyptic setting. However, despite the uninspiring idea of the zombie world, the game packs quite a punch and stands out from the other zombie games.

The game has impressive graphics, quality sound effects and music, intuitive controls, and even water simulation for Tegra 3. What else could you possibly ask for?


Drink and be Merry

Gaming and drinking go to together likes crackers and cheese (which also go great with drinking). Before drinking games were real world but as we move more towards a fully online society its no wonder that many of the games we enjoy today are online as opposed to off.


Anyway, the next time you have some friends over for a few drinks try some of the recommendations above.