Think rosé; but less pool party and more classy evening garden party. Branded as having the allure of a warm summer breeze, Pure from Mirabeau is the winery’s softer and lighter version of our favorite pink drink and is perfect for people who want to try a delicate twist on a classic rosé. This bottle eases you in with beautiful clarity and an ethereal pale pink color that sums up images of flower petals and ballerina slippers. On the nose, it greats you with light and refreshing citrus; hints of grapefruit and lychee.

Classified as a complex rosé Pure is an artful and elegant blend of gentle flavors. From the first sip, you’re hooked by the notes of wild strawberry, white flowers and even more citrus. It keeps you coming back with its pronounced mineral structure and refined character. The finish is soft but lingering and aromatic and makes this bottle great to pair with a special occasion meal, complementing elevated flavors and refined style.

Price: $20-25 (USD)

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