Picture this, a warm summer night, surrounded by good company, basking in the soft glow of a sky full of stars. A warm fire crackles nearby, and stories filled with laughter fill the air. And even better yet, you’re doing all of this while tipping back glasses of pale pink rosé that’s as bright as the sky overhead. In fact, we have the perfect wine in mind for such an occasion. Étoile, which means star in French, is a fragrant and flavor lychee colored rosé from the masterful wine makers at Mirabeau en Provence.

This rosé is silky and well-rounded and sparkles in the glass with its characteristic light pink shade. Highlighted by crystalline tones and silver reflections, this rose is a mirror image of the night sky. The wine itself has strong flora notes and delicate aromas of white peach with a touch of fresh pineapple. It brings even more complexity with underlying flavors of stone fruit and citrus, making it hard to put down your glass. The finish is concentrated and lingering and suggests the perfect accompaniment to fine foods and rich flavors. We recommend bringing several bottles for any get together in the summer months. It’s that good.

So if you are planning on spending a night under the stars, make sure to enjoy it with a glass of Étoile in your hand.

Price: $25-30 (USD)

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