In the 19th century wine & spirits merchant Justerini & Brooks set up headquarters in Regent’s Park, London, with a vision to create a “house” blend Scotch Whisky (which would later become J&B Rare), after seeing the potential of blended whisky in the international market. During this same time in history, Royal Navy sailors were coming back from distant travels with ink art embellished on their skin, a trend that quickly reached British Royalty in 1862, before spreading all over Great Britain and throughout Europe. As a celebration of the brand’s origin, J&B France has collaborated with famed tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx a private tattoo room in Paris, to design and tattoo 25 limited edition bottles. The bottles, which are covered in latex skin to strengthen the tattoo perception & craftsmanship, each took 20 hours to complete and have resulted in something truly intriguing- pushing the boundaries of art and package design. There are no immediate plans to release more bottles, but those produced are numbered, signed and are exclusively available at Drugstore Publicis and L’Eclaireur Rue Herold in Paris. Watch the video for an in-depth look at the very real process.