From famous bagels to pizza dough, everyone knows it’s all in the water. New Yorkers have been touting the righteous qualities of their water since the city was built, and now small batch whiskey joins the rank of vocal adorers. Widow Jane Whiskey, a newcomer from Red Hook, Brooklyn, is one of these proud New York whiskies-  a small batch bourbon made from water extracted directly from a limestone mine in upstate New York.  In addition to paying tribute to the literal foundation that supports a city of skyscrapers, Widow Jane symbolically represents an enterprising spirit that has made Brooklyn an epicenter of the craft spirit movement. And like all New Yorkers, Widow Jane’s roots are a melting pot of cultures- grains from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky are shipped to New York for distillation, where the spirit is then aged in American Oak barrels and finally cut down to bottle proof with this mystical, local water. But in the end, it’s that water that gives the whiskey its name and its distinction.