Since 1909, Chivas Regal has been known as the world’s first luxury whisky. But after 100 years, anything can use a facelift, including whiskies. And Chivas Regal is no different. Chivas is rolling out their new Chivas 18 year whisky with a brand new campaign and label. The bottle and box for Chivas 18 are true stunners, sure to be a stand out on any shelf. With an eye popping blue theme along with the Chivas crest, this Scotch whisky will do more than just turn some heads.

But the best thing about Chivas has not changed, and that is the taste. Master Blender Colin Scott has used the same recipe that consumers have come to love from Chivas Regal. Chivas 18 sees that classic recipe and elevates it with its 18 year production process, that includes 85 flavor notes in every drop. Talk about complexity. It’s smooth, smoky flavor leads way into a rich finish, one that can only come from 18 years of aging. Aging anything for 18 years takes patience, and that is the key to Chivas Regals new campaign. They want to remind consumers, new and veteran whisky enthusiasts, that some things, especially their whisky, should be enjoyed. And enjoyed slowly. Chivas 18 is meant to be sipped and was blended in the distillery with long lasting flavor in mind, but when it comes to Chivas Regal, it’s hard to implement their practices. With whisky this good, any bottle won’t last long.

From: $72.09

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