Created by Aaron Bergh at the mere age of 25, Calwise Spirits has been making waves for the past two years with its signature gin and rum. As an up-and-coming distiller in California, they focus on using locally sourced wine grapes and organic wild herbs from their region to create innovative blends that capture the essence of California. The “Big Sur Gin” is by far their most well known and praised, infused with 12 wild herbs such as sage, fennel, and elderberry that are iconic to the Big Sur coastline. Similarly, their “Blonde Rum”, aged in wine barrels, offers a rum that is “as bright as the sun and as crisp as an ocean breeze.”

With the huge success that these spirits have amassed, it was only a matter of time for Calwise Spirits to continue its growth by opening a flagship distillery in Paso Robles wine country, right on California’s Central Coast. The distillery, that opens this summer, will feature a tasting bar, small bites, and other visitor amenities. There is no doubt that it will exceed Bergh’s expectations and be a “hub of creativity and experimentation” for years to come.

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