Oxford Artisan Distillery combined 9 carefully selected casks to create their seventh batch of rye whisky, Easy Ryder. This perfect for summer whisky, is a celebration of Oxford Artisan Distillery’s distilling method. The distilling process uses heritage grains that are free from pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, ensuring the best quality for Easy Ryder whisky. The unique flavor is a result from the heritage grains and blend of 9 casks, therefore producing a creamy whisky. Easy Ryder has tasting notes of warm pastry, white chocolate, herbal spice, and savory. This exceptional whisky has an ABV of 50% and a price of £55 ($67 USD) for a 70cl (700 ml). There are 2,782 bottles of Easy Ryder in stock, and it is available on the Oxford Artisan Distillery website and select whisky stores.