Danielle Macdonald

About the Author Danielle Macdonald

There was once a little girl in a pretty floral dress with bruised knees who used to spend her playtime hiding in her old wardrobe reading ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’ While lost in books, a foundation was formed and her love of journalism blossomed. Now after writing numerous articles, this love has turned into her profession.

Slightly older, still wearing pretty dresses (minus the bruised knees), this girl loves nothing better than sipping on the perfect beverage whilst exploring and reviewing both its characteristics as well as its image. With a degree in creative writing, a course at The London School of Journalism, and a desire to lose herself in words and dare one say it…’alcohol’, Danielle is one happy, creative and beverage passionate woman.

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Wine with Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is viewed by many as being commercialism in all its cliché card, cuddly toy, questionable heart-shaped chocolate box glory.  Many snub this tradition because they are just too darn clever, gimmick free and self consumed to partake in such petty behaviors.  This year, stand up to cynicism by spreading the …

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