Just because you have money to burn doesn’t mean you are looking for a bottle of rum that is gone in a flash or sets your throat on fire with its alcohol content. So if you are looking for a fantastic bottle for a special occasion or a spontaneous treat, check out these five rums that are smooth enough to sip, yet playful enough to keep your tongue entertained long after the party is over.

Diplomatico Ambassador Selection
Diplomatico Ambassador drinkmemag.com drink me top 5 rums

This successful representative of Venezuelan rum is aged a minimum of 12 years and boasts a 47% alcohol by volume. Despite having so additional sweeteners, this dark horse maintains a thick, luscious mouth feel and full-bodied flavor of chocolate, oak and molasses that lingers on the tongue. It pairs perfectly with a fine cigar on warm summer nights or a cold night in by the fire (preferably in a leather chair).

$279.99/750ml Bottle

A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very Rare
A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra drinkmemag.com srink me top 5 rums

This decadent Denmark rum lingers on your tongue longer than the daylight during Summer Solstice. The vibrant notes of cherry and citrus (specifically orange) balance perfectly with the smoky, sweet chocolate base, and the glass bottle is as expertly crafted as the amber liquid that it contains. While this beauty is just under the $150 mark it is not available in the United States, so additional travel funds are required to hunt down this tantalizing treasure!

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Charbay Rum Sugar Cane
Charbay Rum Sugar Cane drinkmemag.com drink me top 5 rums

At 68.4% abv. (136.8 proof) Charbay’s rum, distilled in the California based, family-run distillery, is deceptively light in color for its heavy flavor and price-tag. Created in 100% copper pot stills, this rum’s caramel flavor is developed with authentic Hawaiian and Jamaican sugar cane syrup. The dominant tropical flavors are tempered with spicy tones of cinnamon and clove for a complex taste that is prefect toast for special occasions 

$348.45/750ml Bottle

Zafra Master Series 30 Year Old Panama Rum
Zafra Master Series 30 Year Old Panama Rum drinkmemag.com drink me top 5 rums

If you like owning limited editions, than this rum is well worth the price! With only 6,720 bottles in existence, fans of sweet and dry rums will be fighting over this oak aged liquor that has been left to develop in ex bourbon casks for the last thirty years. The oak and bourbon are noticeable to the nose and palate and pair nicely with the vanilla highlights that grow stronger with every sip.

$189.99/750ml Bottle

Pyrat Rum Cask 1623
Pyrat Rum Cask 1623 drinkmemag.com drink me top 5 rums

Encased in a hand-blown bottle and walnut case, Pyrat Rum Cast 1623 is as easy on the eyes as it is on the palate. This Guyanese Rum is on the sweeter side with its orange base and notes of fig, ginger and stone fruits, yet has a long, strong finish to insure that each sip satisfies. Hoti, the patron saint and protector of bartenders who graces the bottle, has his work cut out for him as Purists and Pyrat fans argue over whether this drink should be considered an orange liquor or a rum. Either way, everyone agrees on its high drinkability and lasting flavor.

$249.99/750ml Bottle


If the Riise is not acceptable…

English Harbor 1981 25 Year Old Rum
English Harbor 1981 25 Year Old Rum drinkmemag.com drink me top 5 rums

From 1981 to 2006, this rum was aged in oak barrels formally used as bourbon casks before being presented to the world in an elaborate, swinging door display. Each year 600 bottles are released, and with a only 5,721 bottles produced, the price rises every year. The oak and bourbon add to the flavor, and a supposed addition of sugar smooth out the golden liquid tinted with vanilla and black cherry/current undertones.

$399.99/750ml Bottle