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Aidy is TV presenter and drinks personality in the wine and spirits industry with a specific focus on the drinks-curious generation and one of the most followed wine and spirits personalities on Instagram (@Sypped)

Aside from starring as a presenter in the Amazon Prime TV Series, The Three Drinkers, Adrian is the wine and spirits columnist for The Independent and Global Brand Ambassador for Vivino

Known as Sypped, Adrian works with a variety of wine and spirits brands on digital consultancy and consumer events.

Adrian worked with Drink Me as Head of Digital and Content from 2016-2018.


Drinking & Playing Online Games

You may have tasted all the 5 gin cocktails that hard liquor aficionado should taste in their life. You may even be an expert mixologist. However, did you ever play online games while enjoying your favorite drink? Online games are fun on their own. However, they can be enjoyed even …

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Yes, There Is Now A Wine For Cats

A Company in Japan has taken the luxurious pet lifestyle to an all new level by creating a new ‘Cat Wine’ product for, yes you guessed it, cats. The company behind the new product, B&H Lifes announced that the “Meow Meow Nouveau” doesn’t contain any alcohol, but is made from …

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BREAKING: Christmas Day Wine Heist See’s Irreplaceable Wine Collection Stolen From The French Laundry, Napa

There was sad news for the food & drink industry this week, as authorities are searching for those responsible for a Christmas Day heist at the world renowned restaurant, “French Laundry”, in Northern California’s Wine Country. The restaurant has long been a reputable and highly respected establishment, holding a 4-star …

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