It sounds crazy doesn’t it? How on earth can you open a bottle of wine without pulling the cork?

The answer: Coravin 1000.

State of the art technology created and patented by Coravin Inc. allows wine enthusiasts to drink out of any cork-sealed bottle without even removing the cork. How you ask? I thought you’d be interested, so check out the little video, below.

After seeing how it works, you have to agree how this concept is perfect for those who are trying to cut down on how much they drink, regularly partake in tastings, or just want to savor their favorite wine over a longer period of time. To be quite frank, I think this is a great idea and all jokes aside of how “we can polish off a bottle in minutes”, you can really see the tangible benefits this could offer someone! So with that said, nice work Coravin.

The wine industry just got another kick of technological savvy-ness!


The Coravin Experience from Coravin on Vimeo.