Each family’s heritage and family business is different – whether they’re restaurant owners, coffee curators, or winemakers. Mirabeau en Provence stems from a family story based in corporate business, that diverted into their one true passion: wine.

Everything started for this family in 2008, when Stephen turned down a promotion. After 15 years in the corporate world he decided to forgo more money, but also chose a life of reduced stress, and increased quality time with his young family. For almost his entire life he and his wife Jeany had dreamed of moving across the world to France to dive into one of their passions of making their own wine, but could never find the right moment to pick up their lives and do it.

This was their moment. In 2009, the Mirabeau family made the move and took their entire livelihood (with minimal French language skills) to a small village called Cotignac in the center of Provence. Their first year was spent learning the ways of European life, and growing to love the Provençal life. Doing intense research to find the best vineyards to work alongside, and studying the craft of creating a quality rosé, they started a small wine business with this mission in mind: being regarded as one of the best rosé maker in the region.

After starting their company with a plan in mind, they hired a team of highly experienced oenologists and threw their heart, passion, and family mentality into their product. Their philosophy on wine is simple: using their passions and blending talent to appeal to their customers, and their marketing skills to appeal to their business partners. They work with some of the most amazing local growers from carefully selected parcels, vinify and bottle them in the best possible conditions, and work as sustainably as possible to create something beautiful in the art form that is wine.

As for design and mission for the Mirabeau brand, this family is aiming to create something impacting and long lasting in the industry. With packaging designs that are elegant and eye-catching, and wine that grabs the attention of wine-connoisseurs worldwide, they are well on their way to achieving this goal.

Their passion for their art comes through – not only in their product, but in how they are communicating about their family journey- the “vine” of life featured on all their products depicts them and their 3 children and their efforts to put down roots in their beloved Provence. This excitement and genuine care that was taken in creating the brand shines through in their rosé and will delight you when you take your first sip.

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