The story of tequila is one of life and death. The life of the agave is taken and it is reborn again into a new spirit. The life blood is drained from the heart of the agave and the transformation is complete. And now one of the greatest story tellers is teaming up with one of the best tequila makers to bring you a tequila experience that is truly otherworldly. Guillermo Del Toro and Patrón want you to embrace your darkest (happy) hour.

Both born in Jalisco, Patrón and Oscar winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro worked together to design a tequila constructed from dark themes and Mexican culture. The result is not only a delicious world class tequila, but also one of the most unique bottles and boxes ever offered by any spirit maker. The black and white box, adorned with sketches of skulls and skeleton harvesters, opens to a world of color and the center piece is a skeletal vessel housing the tequila. The bottle, once removed, comes in two pieces, the torso filled with tequila and the skull which is filled with orange liqueur designed to be mixed with the tequila, creating a blend like no other. Topping it all off, the box comes with two candles to light your way through the underworld and your tequila drinking journey.

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