As time passes, we humans and wine connoisseurs continue to evolve how we see, savor, and sip our wine: from glass bottles sealed with a cork, to a sizeable box à la cardbordeaux, and most recently to the millennial aluminum can.  Nomadica, a wine company founded by Harvard MBA, Emma Toshack, is leading the wine-can revolution.  But at Nomadica the cans are more than a modern convenience, they are a canvas for artists—painters, illustrators, street artists, and photographers—from around the world.  The artists personally design the labels so that the art, the beauty, the inimitable aesthetic, is yours to keep.

The 2016 Chenin Blanc comes in six different models designed by Australian-based artist, Kareena Zerefos.  On one, a polar bear is carried by a violet and white-striped hot air-balloon, while in another a beautiful girl in a fedora stares right at you.  The Chenin Blanc made by Joshua Klapper, no different from the other exceptional wines in the Nomadica collection, is crafted from vineyards across the globe.  The flavor is the perfect marriage between Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris.  It’s light, bright, not-too-dry and perfect for long summer days.  Chenin Blanc has long been under-celebrated but Nomadica is changing that.  The 2016 is for adventurers, travelers, and artists—all nomads in their own right—who pave their own way and who, above all understand that wine goes together with all of the greatest things in life.  Be sure to buy it soon.  They’ll go fast!