It was the dream of Bob Russell and his two sons, Matthew and Stephen, to start their own distillery in the Chatham, Kent area. Enter their own Copper Rivet Distillery, nestled in Pumphouse no.5 in the historic dockyards. There, with the help of head distiller Abhi Banik, the Russells use hand-crafted local stills to distill their own lineup of spirits made entirely in-house from grain to glass.

In 2016 they finished their first batch of Dockyard gin, a traditionally dry spirit that leads with floral aromas followed by sweeter, spicier notes and a fresh, herbal finish. Their delicate Vela Vodka boasts flavors of fruit and cereal, and a light pink peppercorn finish. Their signature grain spirit, Son of a Gun, touts extreme versatility in its light color, tropical fruit flavors, and vanilla and honey-oat aftertastes. Finally, two versions of Masthouse Whisky will be available in 2020 after they’ve matured. Indeed, the family passion and craftsmanship is evident with a single sip of their stellar spirits, especially when surrounded by the historic docks long silence. Listening closely, one might just hear the ghost of an ancient vessel while sipping their Son of a Gun over rocks.

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