For those of you who didn’t pay attention too well in history class, there was, in fact, life in California before Hollywood. Carne Humana was among the life in what is now known as Napa Valley. It is from these vineyards that we enjoy the wines of Joseph Wagner and Derek Beitler, the brilliant winemakers behind the co-fermented and barrel-aged wines of Carne Humana.

Wagner’s family founded Caymus Vineyards in Napa Valley, allowing him to work in the family business and learn the trade. In 2010, Wagner and Beitler gathered their knowledge and experience, and created Carne Humana Wines. With Wagner’s life experience and Beitler’s BA in Environmental Studies

Their wines are derived from four main grapes, grown on the property and certified 100% Napa Valley fruit. These four historically renowned grapes—petite sirah, zinfandel, petit verdot, and syrah — are blended and aged 18 months in seasoned French oak barrels to ensure the most satisfying aromas and fullest flavors possible.

Connoisseurs of red wine will not be disappointed with Carne Humana’s 2012 Red Wine. This wine has hints of dark chocolate in the air, while producing a dance of tobacco and maple and the tongue. To juxtapose this dark, rich treat, Carne Humana’s 2015 White Wine gives off the aroma and flavor of a tropical paradise with pear and guava enriching your senses, leaving you with the feeling of enjoying that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Without the kids.

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