The name for Glenmorangie’s sherry cask-aged whisky ‘Lasanta’ is derived from the Gaelic for warmth or passion. Considering the enticing aromas of warm spices, chocolate, and toffee that seduce the olfactory senses from this bottle as well as the lush butterscotch, walnut, and hazelnut on the palate, Lasanta certainly seems an appropriate moniker.

The lifespan of this single malt is twelve years, ten of which were spent aging in American white oak barrels previously used to hold bourbon, contributing to the rich, sweet, nutty flavor profile. The final two years Lasanta is finished in Spanish Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, allowing ripe sherry notes of golden sultanas and oranges to develop.

The full, lush mouthfeel and lingering sweetness of this whisky are certainly evocative of passion—even for those who guard a good sherry-matured single malt dram jealously, this may be the bottle to share. Have a wee drop with a loved one on a chilly evening and let Lasanta  unfurl its magic.

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