When wine preservation is the name of the game, zzysh®  stands out from the crowd with its unique atmospheric method of maintaining the initial quality of a newly opened bottle of wine. Whether you like to enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at the office, or several surrounded by your friends and family, here are five reasons zzysh® is the wine preservation tool you’ve always needed.

Preserve Flavor and Color

The most important feature in any wine preservation tool is its ability to defend against oxidation, every delightful wine’s worst enemy. Once zzysh®’s protective atmosphere has seeped into the wine bottle through the innovative stopper, the decadence of the first sip is safeguarded for several weeks to come, even after multiple openings and reseals.

Enjoy Wine Variety Again

With the freedom to open a bottle of wine without fearing waste and oxidation, you can sample to your heart’s content. Open your favorite Malbec and rosé one evening and enjoy a pour of each, sealing the bottles for the next day, week, or even month.

Impress Your Guests

Your next dinner party is sure to be a smash with the help of zzysh®. Your partygoers will remember and enjoy the bubbles of the champagne aperitif, the full-bodied flavor of a pinot noir with the main course, and the nutty sweetness of a tawny port for dessert. At the end of the evening, seal them with the wine and champagne cartridges and not a single drop will go to waste.

Savor the Bottle

The next time you treat yourself to a more expensive bottle of wine, don’t feel pressured to drink it quickly in order to finish it before it spoils. Take your time and savor the bottle over a week or two. zzysh® will keep that bottle tasting just as good days later as it did when you first cracked the seal.

Keep the Bubbles Alive

The standard wine isn’t zzysh®’s only specialty; their champagne starterset is also perfect for maintaining your favorite bottle of bubbly’s sparkle. Champagne, Lambrusco, and prosecco all benefit from the carbon dioxide injected into the bottle, leaving them fresh, crisp, and vibrant for weeks with no carbon acid buildup.

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