Vodka has been too often labeled as a foreign spirit made in popularly in either Russia or Poland but times and spirits are changing. Mammoth Distilling is bringing a USA handmade vodka to liquor stores. Just 3 miles away, the distillery is in the heart of Up North. The company is committed to using as much locally grown products as possible. Licensed on July 4, 2013 it has kept to its traditions since. Combined with a tasting room that opened July 1 of this year, the distillery encompasses the picturesque Glacial Hills Natural Area, which inspired the name Mammoth Distilling.

Mammoth Dry Stack Vodka is made using locally grown grains and botanicals from Torch Lake, Michigan. Using a 650-liter copper pot still from Goppingen, Germany and two types of yeast in the fermentation process of the Vodka mash, the complexity of the spirit’s finish is maximized, providing a flavor like no other. Dry Stack Vodka has a genuine mouth feel and slight toothiness, punctuated by hint of sweetness from grain. The spirit has also passed over 66 plates in the Christian CARL vodka column and finished to 95.5% purity. So go ahead and taste the difference on the rocks or in any cocktail you desire.

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