They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but when you pick up Jerry Lockspeiser’s Your Wine Questions Answered: The 25 things wine drinkers most want to know, your perception of it won’t be unfair. With fun caricatures of people sipping on a variety of wine (white, rosé and red) this book promises a light read about your favorite topic. Lockspeiser created high street wine supplier Bottle Green Ltd, co-wrote Thorsons Organic Wine Guide and is a chairman of Off-Piste Wines and writes an opinion column for Harpers Wine & Spirit. So from whom else would you want to learn a couple things about wine?

Published on September 7 2016, this book is the result of conversation between Lockspeiser and wine drinkers over the past 30 years, who didn’t want lectures about wine but rather practical answers that would lift the confusion and intimidation. As Will Champion from Coldplay said, “if you like to drink wine but find the whole subject daunting, this is the book for you.”

It is packed with tips and insights in a jam-packed 25 chapters that will leave the reader feeling confident about wine without needing to be a wine buff. 100% of the profits will be donated to The Millione Foundation, a social enterprise set up by the author to fund the build primary schools in Sierra Leone. They have already built five schools, giving 1500 children an education, funded through sales of the million wine brand, donations and fundraising marathons. So grab a book, learn about wine and know that you aren’t only helping yourself but you also helped provide education to kids thousands of miles away from you.