Toting around wine just got a little bit easier and a whole lot more stylish with the help of a special type of bag, which comes in your choice of size: purse (regular or cross-body), tote, or messenger bag. Wine in a bag just gained a new meaning under the innovative mind of Jennifer, the creator of Vivajennz. With an aim to mix class with sass and to add a little attitude to your daily life, she gives the world fashionable bags with a built in spigot. Each bag is inspired by her closest friends and features fun colors and patterns so you will never suspect what’s hiding inside. This is actually the perfect beach bag.

Vivajennz PR 3 drink me

Of course, Vivajennz isn’t just limited to wine other beverages are highly encouraged. Each bag is fully insulated and able to hold a 3-liter bladder bag that is dispensable from the front of the bag through a spigot. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room from all the munchies and other necessities you’ll want to carry.

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Vivajennz PR 2 drink me