There’s nothing like a classic cocktail at home.

Well at least that’s what you said on drink one. By the time you’re on the third drink, you realize your kitchen counter is sticky and every spirit bottle you own is spread over the kitchen counter in between random orange garnishes that didn’t quite go as planned.

If you love a good gin drink and you’re anything like me in the kitchen, then trust me on this: skip the work and go with this pre-made negroni mix from The Handmade Cocktail Company. All you have to do is pour this baby over ice, then stir, and—if you’re feeling extra enthusiastic—garnish with citrus.

This isn’t just some sad version of the negroni your favorite bartender makes either. This negroni mix is made with high quality copper pot-still gin and the perfect blend of vermouths to deliver a cocktail with rich flavors like cherry, rhubarb, and a touch of oak. This drink makes Italy proud.