After journeying into the world of undiscovered but highly regarded distilleries, the creators of Double Cross Vodka stumbled upon a place settled deep in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia with a spirit so stunningly smooth, they knew it was the one. Even the name stems from the vast mountainous region; in the 12th century, Byzantine monks introduced the double cross symbol to the area thus it seemed to be the only fitting name for such an extraordinary vodka.

To allow the vodka to fully embrace its heritage, it’s artfully handcrafted using estate-grown winter wheat and Tatra Mountain spring water containing a distinctive mineral composition. The resulting mixture is then distilled seven times before reaching bottle ready completion. Double Cross achieves maximum smoothness and a crisp, clean character that has an undeniably soft feel in the mouth. Easily savored as is or complement any vodka calling cocktail. Feel the history of the mountains in every sip.

What’s more, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, or even a little treat for yourself, you can have your bottle engraved and customized at absolutely no extra charge. This is a result of Double Cross’s ongoing ethos – valuing each of their customers as individuals, so everyone can have a truly unique experience.

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