One of the coolest design decisions you’ll ever make is getting this wine rack for your home.

Spice up any kitchen or dining room wall with these wine racks. You can play with the placement of the units, and create the best design for your unique space. Find the perfect wall to display your favorite wine bottles—and then appreciate how easily they rotate to make your wine showcase look funky. Rest assured that your finer vintages will be safe for display; these racks are sturdy and secure.

They’re made of solid oak wood, which gives the racks an old world feel with modern flair. They are stylish and original, as well as totally convenient. Instead of taking up counter space, these racks will upgrade your entire space and still leave you with extra room on the counter and tables. Putting them above a dining area dry bar really adds an element of style. Arrange them at your whim and fancy, and enjoy the lasting flavor they add to your décor.