With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s only appropriate that a love story be told. On the slopes of the Sierra Cantabria in Rioja Alta grows the Tempranillo grapes: dry, dark, and rich. In the Rioja Baja in Tudelilla, grows the Garnacha grape: Sweet, light, and aromatic. Vinified separately: the Tempranillo for 10 days at 28°C, and the Garnacha for 15 days at a slightly cooler 26°C to keep the fruit’s floral character, the two different grapes grow independently.  But fear not! This isn’t a Romeo and Juliet kind of story, for the ending is a lot more satisfying: The two finally become one and create a beautiful, tasty union called Vinedos de Altura, by Ramon Bilbao.

Love is in the air, and Rioja-born winemaker Rodolfo Bastida has fallen in amor with his capacity to grow rich and fresh red fruit aromas. Vinedos de Altura Is ruby red in color, displaying purplish hues as it hits certain light. The oak’s spices of black pepper and ginger blend exceptionally well with the black berry fruit flavors and aromas- giving you yet another love story combination.

Best served slightly below room temperature, and paired with a variety of many dishes, as its versatility is at the higher level. A perfect, top-notch pairing with this wine would be an Oriental, Tai cuisine and full-bodied, creamy cheeses.

This Valentines Day give tu amor the gift of a crimson romance with Ramon Bilbao’s Vinedos de Altura. Bastida believes his wines should speak for themselves; allow it to do all the talking.

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