Wine: Remolinos Vineyard Malbec
Winemaker: Decero
Vintage: 2012
Variety: Malbec
Price: £13.50
Buy Now: Wine Direct

I’m not a big drinker of Malbec, nor am I particular fan of the variety, but when a good example smacks you round the chops, you stand up and take notice and that’s exactly what happened with this incredible offering I stumbled upon by way of a mis-order courtesy of Amazon. Native to Agrelo, Mendoza, home to some of the most sought after Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in Argentina, the Remolinos vineyard from which this incredible wine hails from, is between 3400-3600ft, sits at the base of the Andes and enjoys incredibly warm, sunny days and cold nights; resulting in a slow, yet full maturation of the grapes, which means we all get an absolute treat of a wine!

Medium to full bodied, with a zippy acidity and packed with damson and violets. A vivacious and flavoursome red, with layer upon layer and bags of character. This is an absolute barnstormer of a wine and Wine Direct have the latest go to vintages from Decero ready for you to whip of their virtual shelves. I’ve had many of the best examples of Mendozan Malbec and despite coming across this under rather fortuitous circumstances, I’m well aware just how good a wine this is and how it’s punching well above it’s weight in terms of it’s price point.