SD Strong Distillers have released their latest creation Big Boom Straight Bourbon Whiskey and it is DY-NO-MITE! No really, this small batch bourbon was aged for 3 years, underground….and gets its name from the daily dynamite blasts felt in the cave it called home.

The distillers at SD Strong put a vintage strong man on every bottle they produced. Starting a distillery in an underground cave that is subject to active dynamite blasts is downright crazy, but a single sip from any one of their products will have you rethinking that assessment. And, their latest creation is no different. This unique small batch bourbon was aged in white oak barrels, 65 feet underground, and the mash bill includes 62.5% corn, 25% rye and 12.5% malt. The perfect combination of ingredients and the perfect setting for an insanely unique whiskey.

The flavors in this cave dwelling drink are spicy, with notes of fresh oak and soft corn, layered with caramel. In other words, Big Boom brings big bourbon flavor. But don’t worry, you can enjoy this bourbon in the comfort of your own home, no cave required…unless that’s your thing.

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