This summer you won’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to travel to get a taste of the tropics (unless you decide to stock up on what you’re about to be exposed to). Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is a curiosity driven brewery that creates more than just malts, hops and profits. Rather, with a dedication to their creative impulse, scientific brewing and the tenacity from the small town of Athens, GA, these brewers are able to create experiences in cans.

Topicália is an American IPA that will transport you to the beach right in your living room. As you crack open a can, you will be greeted with deliciously smelling tropical fruit notes and as you take a sip of the light orange liquid, your palate will be washed over with the full fruit-forward flavor. Soft and juicy, with notes of mango and passion fruit, blended with a light citrus piney hop this beer will lead you on a fruit journey of complex and balanced savor.

With an A.B.V. of 6.5 percent, a year-round availability, a hop that is a plethora of flavors and not simple bitterness, all packaged in a joyfully designed can, will leave you reaching for another one in no time. So go on and find happiness and enjoy the Creature Comforts of life.


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