There is nothing better than settling down at your favourite casino game and ordering a delicious beverage to accompany and refresh you during your game. Casinos usually stock everything from apple juice to Zapata, so your drink options are limitless. But with so many options, it can be difficult to decide what to order at the bar.

In this list we’ll give you some ideas of the very best drinks to order at a casino when you sit down at the roulette tables or slot machines. Who knows? Maybe you’ll you find a new favourite beverage among them!


You can’t go wrong with bubbly! The fizzy golden drink, which hails from the Champagne region in France, represents class, elegance and good times. While champagne can at first be a little sour and bitter, one soon learns to enjoy this refined taste. If you after something sweeter on the taste buds and lighter on the pocket- you can always compromise and go for a sparkling wine- no one will ever know the difference!

Champagne goes hand-in-hand with winning. Almost every win in international sport is celebrated by popping a bottle of champers right there on the podium. So next time you make a big win, why don’t you treat yourself to a classy little glass of champagne, or even buy a bottle on ice for the table?

Gin and Tonic

Transparent liquid served in a whiskey glass and garnished with lemon and mint- is there anything more iconic than a gin and tonic? Gin has some interesting roots. It was once used as a steriliser and a way to treat diseases such as malaria, and first made an appearance in India where it was created by the British East India Company in the 1700s.

Gin and tonics are regular features in the hands of casino goers. And there is good reason for this, gin and tonics are very tasty! Craft gin is a trend that has taken off around the world and these days you get hundreds of different gin brands with unique flavourings and distillation methods.

Bloody Mary

Don’t be scared by the name. There isn’t any real blood in this drink, although the tomato juice (the drink’s core ingredient) sure makes it looks like there is. Other than tomato juice, a Bloody Mary consists of vodka, lemon juice, Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce. Sometimes they’re garnished with celery or olives. It may sound like quite a strange flavour combination, but Bloody Marys are known for being surprisingly tasty and refreshing.

Bloody Marys are also famous for being a miracle hangover cure. They’re also a good tummy settler. So if you’ve had a rough night, there’s nothing better to set you straight than this Hair of the Dog remedy.


Want to look like James Bond? Well his favourite drink was memorably a martini- shaken not stirred. And we all know that Mr 007 had quite the lucky streak. James Bond references aside, martinis are famous drinks in their own right and frequently appear in movies, pop culture and song lyrics. They are synonymous with the high life.

A martini is made from gin and vermouth. It is usually garnished with an olive or a lemon twist and served in that classic martini glass. This simple little drink is a fashion accessory all on its own and is a great way to instantly upgrade your look.

Virgin Cocktails

Let’s face it; if you’re having a long night at the casino, it’s unwise to be drinking alcohol all night long. Maybe you’re driving home. Maybe getting drunk affects your game. Or maybe you just drink alcohol, and that’s okay! But it can be disheartening ordering water or a soda when everyone else is drinking fancy drinks.

And that’s where virgin cocktails come in. Almost any cocktail on the cocktail menu has a virgin version. They’re tasty and you won’t look like a kid amongst the big boys.