A true antique that would make Hemingway drool.

This corkscrew has a 19th century warthog tusk handle that makes for a truly cherished heirloom. The end cap is made of sterling silver, and has a beautiful, intricate design that is reminiscent of the time period. So, as it turns out, there is a way to hold history in your hands.

Barware is not usually historical, but the antique sterling warthog tusk makes this corkscrew just that. For the casual collector, or a more seasoned enthusiast, this corkscrew will satisfy the desire to revel in authenticity and imagination. Antiques have to power to ignite our fantasies–and it always helps when it allows you to open a bottle of inspiration too.

Seeking out historic items is a quality that is possessed by few, and it should be celebrated. A rustic addition to a home bar, this corkscrew makes the spirit of the hunter ever-present for years to come.