This champagne flute is a reinterpretation of an alchemist test tube! Giving traditional laboratory materials new life is quite a funky way to liven up the classic champagne flute design. Made in Italy from handblown glass, this 8” x 2” champagne glass will wow guests, and is highly likely to spark scientific debates.

What is it about repurposing that feels so good? Perhaps an even better feeling is the easy grip of the Plustio – no dainty, overly precious stem to contend with! No worries that it will break, or get tipped over while resting on a table at an event. This glass is as sturdy and balanced as a real laboratory would require. It’s science, folks.

Bottom line, this glass has personality. It has gravity. And it is sure to provide the best delivery of whatever bubbly is being served. Give a solid, serious, toast to new ideas and innovation with the Plustio.