Unlock any wine’s potential for greatness.

For savoring fine wine like the true connoisseur that you are, you need a great decanter. And this one is the crème de la crème. The wide base provides superior aeration like no other, and the sleekly shaped neck is designed for an easy, spill-proof pour. Topped with a chrome-and-crystal-esque stopper, this attention-grabbing piece will please the eye as well as the palette.

Looking to bring a little sparkle to a dining room, or make a kitchen bar glisten? This decanter does the job and does it well. It turns a regular wine night into something a little more special. Expect compliments from guests, and tastier wine. What could be better, really?

Self-proclaimed mad scientists behind the bar will find comfort just gazing at this decanter—imagining the possibilities—as it looks like it could belong in an actual laboratory. But it’s best to just stick to the wine. After all, aeration is a science all of its own.